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18th GGOS Steering Committee Meeting

03 May, 2010, Vienna, Austria


Available documents

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes of the Meeting
  3. Brief Report from the GGOS Chair (M. Rothacher)
  4. Brief Report of the GGOS Coordinating Office and GGOS Web Pages (G.Bianco)  
  5. Brief Report of the Bureau on Standards and Conventions (U. Hugentobler)
  6. Brief Report of the WG on Satellite and Space Missions (C.K. Shum)
  7. Status of GGOS Portal (B. Richter)
  8. GGOS Portal - complete list of products (C. Noll)
  9. Report of GIC Planning Group and Discussion (D. Grünreich / B. Richter)
  10. GGOS ToR (R. Neilan)
  11. Recognition of GGOS in scientific organizations (ICSU, …) (R. Neilan)
  12. Status of the IGFS (R. Forsberg / S. Kenyon)
  13. Follow-up Theme 1 of the Planning Meeting in Miami (J. Ihde, M. G. Sideris)
  14. Follow-up Theme 2 of the Planning Meeting in Miami (T. Dixon, R. Gross)
  15. Follow-up Theme 3 of the Planning Meeting in Miami (C. K. Shum)
  16. GGOS2020 Implementation Plan ( M. Rothacher)
  17. GGOS 2020 Recommendations ( M. Rothacher)
  18. GGOS2020 Network CfP (M. Pearlman)
  19. Short Reports from GEO STC Committee Meetings (S. Zerbini)
  20. Short Reports from GEO ADC Committee Meetings (B. Richter)
  21. GEO: Contributions of IAG/GGOS (list of contributions, responsible persons, upcoming events, setting of priorities)
  22. Status on ITRS standardization (C. Boucher)
  23. Workshops/Sponsorship (R. Gross)
  24. Action Items







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