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April 8, 20139:00 – 17:00
Technical University of Vienna

Objective: Explore Synergies and Strategies for cooperation in space geodesy that would enhance national and international science programs with special focus on GLONASS and Reference Frame.

Desired Output:
1. Improve the determination of the GLONASS orbits and clocks through enhanced tracking by the IAG Services of IGS and ILRS and the analysis of the IERS.
2. Improve the geographic coverage on (1) LAGEOS and LARES for improvement of the reference frame and (2) GNSS constellations for improved global distribution of the reference frame.


Overview on GGOS
GGOS Programs and Requirements – Harald Schuh
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Overview on Russian Programs
Overview on Russian Programs and Requirements - Alexander Ipatov
New Generation VLBI network - Alexander Ipatov
Current Network; Projected Network, Current activities. - Sergey G. Revnivih

Current GNSS activities by the IAG/GGOS Services
IGS activities on GLONASS, GPS (Galileo) - Urs Hugentobler
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Analysis, comparison of radio and SLR tracking, etc - Tom Herring
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ITRF Plans and requirements - Zuheir Altamimi
Simulations that might help with path forward - Erricos Pavlis

Current RAS Activities on GNSS
Current RAS Activities on GNSS (GLONASS) - Alexander Ipatov/ Yuri Bondarenko

Modern SLR Systems (where the technology is going) - Graham Appleby
GRAZ SLR system - Franz Koidl
Tahiti Geodetic Observatory - R. Biancale



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