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GGOS Planning Meeting 2010

01 - 03 February 2010, Miami/Florida, USA


Available documents


Presentations in Session 1: Opening, Workshop Goals, and Recent Activities
  1. Goals of the GGOS Planning Meeting (M. Rothacher
  2. The GGOS Coordination Office  (G. Bianco)  
  3. GGOS Science Workshop (R. Gross)
  4. ILRS/IGS Workshop on "Synergies" in Greece  (E. Pavlis)
  5. A Roadmap for Future Satellite Gravity Missions (H.P. Plag)
  6. Unified Analysis Workshop 2009 (M. Rothacher)
  7. GEO Meetings and IGOS Symposium (H. P. Plag)
  8. Meeting on the development of an Intergovernmental Committee for GGOS Frankfurt Nov 2-3 (D. Grünreich)
Presentations in Session 2: GGOS Implementation and Infrastructure  
  1. Towards GGOS Integrated Products serving scientific and societal applications  (R. Rummel, M. Rothacher)
  2. Overview of GGOS Infrastructure (M. Pearlman)
Presentations in Session 3: Introduction to the themes
  1. Theme 1: Global Unified Height System  (M. Sideris)
  2. Theme 2: Role of Space Geodesy & GGOS in Natural Hazard Research and Monitoring  (T. Dixon)
  3. Theme 2:  Earthquake at Haiti  (T. Dixon)
  4. Theme 3: Sea-level change, variability and forecasting (H. P. Plag)
Presentations in Session 4: Report of Themes to full Plenary and Discussion
  1. Report on Theme 1 (M. Sideris)
  2. Report on Theme 2 (R. Gross)
  3. Report on Theme 3 (H. P. Plag)
  4. Guidelines for the Themes (M. Pearlman)
Presentations in Session 5: The Themes and their needs in terms of GGOS infrastructure, data processing, and products
  1. Call for Participation (CfP) of GGOS Bureau for Networks and Communication (M. Pearlman)
  2. Network simulation studies (E. Pavlis)
  3. Data Center support for GGOS (C. Noll)
  4. IAG Service products (C. Noll)
  5. The GGOS Portal  (B. Richter)



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