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GGOS Consortium Meeting n. 2

December 7th, 2013

Location: Hotel Westin, 50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Meeting Expectation: Participants will be apprised of GGOS’ current activities and how they fit together, as well as the future direction of GGOS.

The minutes of the meeting are available here.



  1. Welcome and discussion of the Agenda
  2. Report from the GGOS Chair
    • GGOS CB Elections
    • Status and Report of UN GGIM activities
  3. Report of GGOS Strategic Plan and GGOS2020 project
  4. Report from GIAC
  5. Discussion on GGOS Strategic Plan and GGOS2020 project
  6. Reports from GGOS Bureaus
    • Bureau on Networks and Communication
    • Bureau on Standards and Conventions
    • Discussion on GGOS Bureaus
  7. Reports from GGOS Working Groups
    • WG on Satellite Missions
    • WG on Earth System Modeling
    • WG on Data and Information Systems
    • WG on Outreach and User Linkage
    • WG on Simulation
    • Discussion on GGOS WGs
  8. Reports from GGOS Themes
    • Theme 1: Unified Height Systems
    • Theme 2: Geohazards Monitoring
    • Theme 3: Understanding and Forecasting Sea-Level Rise and Variability
    • Discussion on GGOS Themes
  9. Final Discussion


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