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First GGOS Consortium Meeting

December 1st, 2012

San Francisco, USA


Available documents

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes
  3. Report from GGOS Chair (H. Kutterer)
  4. GGOS Post Frankfurt Approach (J. Ceva)
  5. Report from GIAC (J. LaBreque)
  6. Report from Bureau on Networks and Communication (M. Pearlman)
  7. Report from Bureau on Standards and Conventions (D. Angermann)
  8. Inventory of standards and conventions used for the generation of IAG/GGOS products (D. Angermann)
  9. Report from WG on Satellite and Space Missions (I. Panet; R. Pail)
  10. Satellite contributions to GGOS 2020 goals (I. Panet; R. Pail)
  11. Report from WG on Outreach GGOS Coordinating Office (G. Bianco)
  12. Report from Theme 2: Natural Hazards (T. Dixon; R. Gross; F. Amelung)



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