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22th GGOS Steering Committee Meeting

First GGOS Coordinating Board Meeting

December 3rd, 2011

San Francisco, USA

Please note that this will be the first Meeting of the Coordinating Board of GGOS as defined by the new Terms of References.

Please take a look also to the new GGOS Vision, Mission, Goals and Tasks.

The Action Items of the past Steering Committee Meetings are available here.


Available documents

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes
  3. Report of the GGOS Chair (H. Kutterer)
  4. Role and activities of the Science Panel (R.Gross)
  5. Report of the Coordinating Office (G. Bianco)
  6. Report of the Bureau on Networks and Communications (M. Pearlman)
  7. Report of the Bureau on Standards and Conventions (D. Angermann)
  8. Report of the WG on Data and Information Systems [Data handling, GGOS Portal](B. Richter, C. Noll)
  9. Report of the WG on Outreach [Outreach Document] (G. Bianco, GGOS CO)
  10. Report of the WG on Satellite and Space Missions (I. Panet, R. Pail)
  11. ISO Standardization for ITRS (C. Boucher)



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