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Overarching Strategic Focus Areas of GGOS Goals and Objectives

From the GGOS Strategic Plan

The GGOS Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes presented in the next section are built around four strategic focus areas that are directly attributable to the established GGOS goals. These focus areas were developed in the 2011 plan, and continue to be relevant to the activities and future efforts of GGOS. The strategies are related to each goal, but are overarching in nature – just as each goal acts in support of other goals, each strategy has a role in all of the goals.

1. Geodetic Information and Expertise (intangible assets)
GGOS outcomes will support the development and maintenance of organizational intangible assets, including geodetic information and expertise. This is the primary purpose of Goal 1, but the development of this strategic focus area will benefit all other goals and objectives.

2. Global Geodetic Infrastructure (advocacy for, and sustenance of, tangible assets)
Development of, advocacy for, and maintenance of existing global geodetic infrastructure is in direct support of each GGOS goal, and is the primary focus of Goal 2 and its objectives.

3. Services, Standardization, and Support (internal and external coordination)
Optimal coordination, support, and utilization of GGOS services, as well as leveraging existing IAG resources, are critical to the progress of all GGOS goals and objectives. Goal 3 addresses these needs specifically, and in support of all other goals.

4. Communication, Education, and Outreach (public relations, external education and outreach, internal continuing education and training)
Marketing, outreach, and engagement are critical elements for sustaining the organizational fabric of GGOS. Goal 4 directly addresses these needs, which then support and advocate for all other goals and objectives.


Deatils of goals and objective are available in the GGOS Strategic Plan


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