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The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) is being promoted as the ‘flagship’ of IAG
and that it will have an even greater impact in the future of geodesy.
As reported in the preface of the GGOS strategic plan from the IAG President, Chris Rizos:

"As the observing system of the IAG, GGOS serves a unique and critically important combination of roles centering upon advocacy, integration, and international relations. GGOS also promotes high-level outcomes such as the realization of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame through a variety of internal and external channels.

The IAG relies upon GGOS to advocate for improvements in the ground-based geodetic infrastructure of GNSS and DORIS reference stations, VLBI and SLR space geodetic stations, and gravity observatories; it also supports the development of new satellite missions for altimetry, gravity mapping and earth observation; and promotes the importance of modern geodesy for addressing the needs of science and society for stable spatial, time, and gravimetric reference frames. GGOS focuses attention on how international geodesy needs to evolve in order to deliver an order of magnitude improvement in the quality of its fundamental products – this includes identifying the critical elements of global physical infrastructure, efficient data management, and combined measurement analysis.

GGOS internally integrates the geometric and gravimetric aspects of geodesy – driving continuous improvement in the quality of geodetic products through increased investment in different geodetic techniques. It also provides a framework within which the IAG services and other IAG components can integrate outputs and generate higher-level products. GGOS has a unique mission, and is unlike any IAG component in that it is not a service, but rather an observing system that integrates IAG services and commissions. GGOS cannot function without the facilities and products of each of the IAG services."

GGOS has also published a book called “GGOS 2020” which articulates the above and gives
the current status of geodesy and visions for the contribution of GGOS to the community.

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