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Last edited 25 May 2006

This pages retains material produced or made available in preparation of GGOS becoming a partner in the IGOS-P partnership.

Since early 2004, GGOS had made an effort to become a member of the Integrated Global Observing Observing Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P).

Under the lead of H.-P. Plag (Vice-Chair of the GGOS Steering Committee), a supporting document was been prepared and submitted to IGOS-P for consideration at the 12-th meeting of IGOS-P on 26 May 2005 in Geneva. As a result, the meeting accepted the proposed plan of action.

The minutes from the IGOS-P 12-th meeting state:
Stuart Marsh reported:

  • the IGOS-P-11 & P-11bis actions for UNESCO to engage GGOS in dialogue regarding a new Theme have resulted in some quite recent developments; Geohazard Co-Chairs met GGOS in March 2005; this meeting led to development of the paper distributed ahead of P-12: "The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS): observing the dynamics of the Earth system: Background and rationale for a GGOS membership in IGOS-P";
  • the key points of the GGOS paper are:
    • dynamic processes in the Earth's interior lead to: plate tectonics, volcanism, and earthquakes'
    • dynamic processes in the atmosphere, terrestrial hydrosphere, oceans and cryosphere affect: weather, climate and global change;
    • study of these processes is needed to understand: atmospheric and oceanic circulation; volcanic processes and earthquakes; the water cycle and glacial isostacy;
    • modern geodetic observations of the Earth's geometry, gravity field and rotation allow the detection of these mass movements with unprecedented accuracy and temporal resolutions;
  • the Geohazards Theme Co-Chairs view on the main GGOS recommendations is as follows:
    • GGOS join the Partnership as an observing system: consider during 2005 for a decision at IGOS P12bis;
    • GGOS make links with appropriate existing Themes: extend Geohazard link via Theme Leader Meetings;
    • GGOS develop an "Earth System Dynamics" Theme: consult Theme Leaders and await a P12bis decision.
Stuart noted that the proposed topics underpin so many other themes and that it's not entirely clear whether 'Earth System Dynamics' would be viable as a standalone theme with a clear set of users (other than the many existing Themes of IGOS). This is a different proposition to those previously considered by the Partnership and it is proposed that it is first put to the existing Theme leaders to assess. He noted that, based on initial discussions, Theme leaders welcomed having these people on board - in some way.

Robert Missotten added that an immediate decision was not expected of IGOS-P. The Geohazards Theme will report back to GGOS and encourage them to seek sponsors (UNESCO may look favourably on their case and NASA has also shown some interest in supporting). The Co-Chairs agreed to develop an agenda item on the topic of GGOS and the proposed Earth System Dynamics Theme and to liase with Theme leaders to stay informed on their deliberations.

Action 12-11 IGOS Co-Chairs to work with UNESCO and the Geohazard Theme Co-Chairs to develop a formal proposal for GGOS to join the IGOS Partnership as an observing system, for consideration at P-12bis (subject to Partner's comments and an IAG decision to proceed)

Action 12-12 IGOS SEC to invite GGOS representatives to the next IGOS Theme Leader meeting to discuss: their contribution to IGOS Themes other than Geohazards; and the potential for an "Earth System Dynamics" Theme.

Further progress was made at the IGOS-P 12bis meeting, which took place on November 17, 2005, in London. At that meeting, GGOS was accepted as a member pending two formal actions to be carried out.

The status with respect to IGOS-P membership and the IGOS-P 'Earth System Dynamics' theme was presented at the IAG Meeting in Cairns, Australia, in August 2005, and is described in a manuscript to be published in the IAG Proceedings.

GGOS was also represented at the first workshop of the IGOS-P "Geohazards" Theme held on 27-39 June 2005 in Orleans, France. The presentation on GGOS and geodesy's contribution given by Plag is available on the Workshop web page but also here as pdf.

GGOS was accepted as partner at the start of IGOS-P 13 on 23 May 2006.

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