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Last edited 27 November 2006

GGOS is a partner in the IGOS-Partnership. This page provides access to material relevant for GGOS work in IGOS-P. The material is organized in a chronological order starting at the IGOS-P-13 and co-located meetings.

The GGOS contribution to the various IGOS-P Themes was presented to the IGOS-P Theme leaders during the Theme leader meeting on Monday, May 22, 2006, in Geneva. The presentation is available as pdf. GGOS started to prepar a paper describing the potential contribution of GGOS to the individual themes. This paper is intended to provide a basis for the dialog between these themes and GGOS. A small Writing Team started to work on this manuscript. The preliminary title and contents are given as pdf. However, due to the GGOS 2020 processes, the writing of the document was delayed. With respect to interactions between GGOS and individual IGOS-P themes, the relation to IGOS-P Geohazards is most developed. The potential contribution of GGOS to the monitoring and detection of geohazards was presented at the IGOS-P Geohazards Workshop in June 2005 in France (presentation is available as pdf.

At the IGOS-P13, GGOS was introduced to the participants, and the initial ideas concerning a theme proposal were presented. The presentation is available here as pdf. As a result, GGOS was asked to prepare a proposal for a Earth System Dynamics theme, well recognizing that such a theme would be cross-cutting several existing and proposed themes and therefore introduce a new element into the current system of well defined theme with little overlap between themes. Therefore, IGOS-P made clear that the proposal could result into a theme, but it could also result into the introduction of a new element with focus on cross-cutting issues integrating aspects common to several themes.

Preparation of the theme proposal was started under the lead of H.-P. Plag (Vice-Chair of the GGOS Steering Committee). Initial ideas are expressed in a document prepared for IGOS-P-12 (pdf), and more information is also available in a manuscript prepared for the proceedings of the IAG Meeting in Cairns, Australia, July 2005 (pdf). However, the proposal preparation was delayed becaused of the GGOS 2020 process.

The process of proposing a theme is detailed in the IGOS-P process paper, which is available on the IGOS-P web page. The process paper also details the contents of a theme proposal.

At the IGOS-P13bis on November 13, 2006 in Buenos Aires, H.-P. Plag gave a report on the GGOS2020 process, which is setting the framework for the development of the Earth system dynamics theme. The presentation, which was well received by the meeting participants, is available as pdf.

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