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GGOS Consortium

The GGOS Consortium is the collective voice for all GGOS matters.

It will meet annually as possible.

The elements of GGOS have the flexibility to determine and designate two representatives to the GGOS Consortium as each (Service, Commission, or other entity) decides. The Consortium is to be comprised of the Chairs of Services and the Directors of the Service’s central offices or Central Bureaus; Presidents and Vice-­‐Presidents of IAG Commissions, and other entities essential to GGOS as determined by the Consortium.

The GGOS Consortium is the nominating and electing body of elected positions on the GGOS Coordinating Board. The Chair of GGOS shall act as the Chair of the GGOS Consortium.

The currently acting chair is Hansjörg Kutterer.

The list of the GGOS Consortium Meetings is available

List of the GGOS Consortium members


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