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Understanding and Forecasting Sea-Level Rise and Variability

GGOS Theme 3


Sea level rise and variability has received considerable attention in recent years thanks to, for example, the various IPCC Scientific Assessments, the Wiley-Blackwell book on Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability (Church et al. 2010) and, not least, the prominence given to sea level in the GGOS 2020 book.
There is now a reasonable appreciation of the in-situ and space infrastructure required for furthering the long term, continuous monitoring needed for research into global and regional sea level change.

This GGOS Theme 3 presents an excellent opportunity to emphasise the global, through to regional and local, importance of GGOS to a wide range of sea-level related science and practical applications. In fact, the field is so wide that there is a considerable challenge in even beginning to address the range of issues.

- Report at the Steering Committee Meeting on April 2011

- Report at the Coordinating Board Meeting on April 2012

- Report at the Coordinating Board Meeting on December 2014

GGOS Theme 3 has a Call for Proposals to demonstrate the value of geodetic techniques to sea level science and applications. This template gives further details and a proposed format. Note that while there is a deadline mentioned in the Call, submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis.


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