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Geohazards - GGOS Theme 2

The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) has as its goal the development a next generation global geodetic network of 25 to 40 integrated core geodetic observatories and associated analysis centres, and the enhancement of the current geodetic infrastructure. A significant component of this effort is the development and expansion of the IGS real time GNSS network that includes over 180 GNSS instruments. The GGOS next generation network will complement and improve the utility of the multiple navigation satellite constellations to be operational by the end of this decade.

The GGOS initiative will improve the network architecture, data distribution and timeliness of data analysis to address many scientific and societal needs including the mitigation of and response to natural hazards and natural disasters. Numerous studies have demonstrated the utility of this network in the first identification of slow slip seismic events at fault zones and the rapid estimation of earthquake moments and associated ionospheric response for ground motion, tsunami prediction and tracking. Orbiting GNSS occultation satellites provide all-weather atmospheric profiling for improved weather and climate forecasting. Ongoing development of GNSS reflectometry satellite missions will facilitate the estimation of wind stress and wave height for better predictions of severe storm tracks. The GGOS next generation geodetic network of instrumentation and data centres will also advance the capabilities of earth observation satellites such as satellite synthetic aperture radar imagery to map ground deformation across wide areas, and gravity satellites that can map temporal gravity changes due to fluctuating water storage in aquifers and basins, ice sheet loss, and other mass transport phenomena.

Report at the Steering Committee Meeting on April 2011

Leaflet on  GGOS and Geohazards (pdf/1061 KB)

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