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The IAG is a Participating Organization in the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and through GGOS is actively involved in most of the GEO Committees and WGs. Material that may be relevant for GGOS, the GGOS WGs and the Steering Committee is made available on a GGOS-GEO page or the page of the GGOS Working Group on GEO Relations.

A key activity of GGOS with respect to GEO is the Task DA-09-02c (former Task AR-03-07; previous versions of the Task Sheet for AR-09-07 are available at the GEO Task Sheets FTP Server). In the frame of this task, GGOS has been coordinating the GGOS 2020 Process since 2006.

IAG also is a co-lead of the GEO Task ST-09-02. This activity is taken care of by GGOS.


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